In the Garden of the Fugitives

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Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Pages: 320 pages
Binding: Softcover
ISBN13: 9780241325179
Physical Form: Book
Size: Medium
A literary tour-de-force examining desire, shame and power between men and women - two people start a conversation after years of silence, enacting a dangerous game of confession and reckoning'It has been almost fifteen years. I've thought about you often, mostly unkindly. But there: I have thought about you.'After years of silence, Royce writes to Vita, determined to excavate the past. He is older than her, a ghost from her days as a freshman on a Harvard scholarship. In his own youth, he spent a fateful summer working on a dig in Pompeii, with a girl who would later be memorialized with a scholarship - the same one that Vita eventually received.An extraordinary, taut examination of male and female power, driven by a riveting and entirely unpredictable truth at its more