In the Garden of the Fugitives

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Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
Pages: 272 pages
Binding: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781926428598
Physical Form: Book
Size: Medium
Almost twenty years after forbidding him to contact her, Vita receives an email fromRoyce. Once, he was her benefactor and she was one of his brightest protUgUes. NowRoyce is ailing and Vita's career has stalled, and both have a need to settle accounts.Beyond their shared, murky history, both have lost beloveds, one to a strangedisappearance, another to an untimely death. And both are trying to free themselves from deeper pasts - Vita from the inheritance of her birthplace, Royce from the grip of the ancient city of Pompeii, and the secrets of the Garden of the Fugitives. Betweenwhat's been repressed and what has been excavated are disturbances that reach backthrough decades, even centuries.Profoundly addictive and unsettling, In the Garden of the Fugitives is a masterpiece ofduplicity and counterplay, as brilliantly illuminating as it is surprising - about the obscureworkings of guilt in the human psyche, the compulsion to create and control, and thedangerous morphing of desire into obsession. It is the breakthrough work of one ofAustralia's most exciting emerging more