What Alice Forgot

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Pages: 512 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 9780141043
Physical Form: Book
Size: Medium
What Alice Forgot is a compelling story about relationships, staying true to yourself and embracing all life has to offer, from the bestselling author of the hit HBO series Big Little Lies.Alice can't remember the last ten years of her life. She doesn't recognise her children, her husband, herself . . .Alice is twenty-nine. She adores sleep, chocolate, and her ramshackle new house. She's newly engaged to the wonderful Nick and is pregnant with her first baby.There's just one problem. All of that was ten years ago . . .Alice has slipped in a step-aerobics class, hit her head and lost a decade. Now she's a grown-up, bossy mother of three in the middle of a nasty divorce and her beloved sister Elisabeth isn't speaking to her. This is her life but not as she knows it.Clearly Alice has made some terrible mistakes. Just how much can happen in a decade?Can she ever get back to the woman she used to be?'Gripping, thought-provoking and funny' Marie Claire'The perfect holiday read' She'A call to embrace life' Easy Livingshow more