Savita Bhabhi Comics Episode Episode 142 Savita Bhabhi Comics Episode Episode 142

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Series: Savita Bhabhi Comics
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Genres: Comics
Pages: 141 pages
Binding: Softcover
ISBN10: 9825647156
ISBN13: 8547956128746
Tags: Comics
Physical Form: Book
Size: Medium

While visiting a trendy new restaurant, Savita decides she wants to update the decor of her own eatery. So she hires the same interior design team that renovated the trendy restaurant, a pair of brothers. When she meets them, she discovers that one brother is straight, while the other is a gay man. But the two look alike and Savita gets confused about which is which. She is too embarrassed to ask, so Savita tries to find out the difference between the brothers the natural way: by their relative temptation to her magnificent bhabhi body.

There will be an erotic moving image of Savita bhabhi in between the pages. Don’t forget to pause and enjoy it while scrolling through the panels.????


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