Gorgeous George and His Stupid Stinky Stories New!

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Pages: 162 pages
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ISBN13: 9781910614082
Physical Form: Book
Size: Medium
Long stories, short stories, tall stories, funny stories. Yucky stories, lucky stories and even some mucky stories. Stories good enough to grace any book. Stories gross enough to make you want to puke. There are scary tales. There are hairy tales. There are even some scary, hairy fairytales! Some stories will make you smile. Some stories might make you smell. But which one does what; you can't tell.(Until it's too late)Crayon Kenny, Grandpa Jock and Allison join the not-so-Gorgeous George in his sixth book and his first collection of tall tales, short stories and poems about pooping, puking, pumping and parping.Grandpa Jock chases aliens onto a UFO near Area 51. Allison Wonderland chases a green rabbit down a rabbit-hole and Crayon Kenny chases peanuts and jelly babies around his bedroom floor until he sniffs them up both nostrils (don't ask!).There are stories about zombies, stories about ghosts and even stories about old people falling in love (bleugh). The longest short story is this book has 16 pages, so easy to read at bedtime. The shortest short story in this book has just 8 words, so you can read that one on the toilet!And if you haven't guessed already, this book is cheeky. Some grannies might think this book is a little bit rude (like the lady from Inverness who was so shocked she nearly wet herself). I promised her that my next book would carry a WARNING, so here goes...WARNING: This book contains words like BUM, POO, BARF and WEE. Do NOT read this book if you are easily offended. Please do not wet yourself - You have been warned!Gorgeous George and his Stupid, Stinky Stories is the sixth book is the Gorgeous George series.